Friday, December 27, 2013

Back to Blogging with Random Thoughts…

1)  Yesterday, we went to see The Hobbit:  The Desolation of Smaug.  I enjoyed it a lot.  What an ending!  I don’t think I will give anything away if I say that many of the people around us, including me, burst out laughing at the end.  But it has me wondering if that is the typical reaction.

2)  If you look closely around ¾ of the way into the movie, you will see two pugs wandering around in Laketown.  One of them looks suspiciously like our Olive.

3)  Speaking of movies, my son Evan got me the complete set of the Harry Potter movies for Christmas.  I watched the first one last night.  Carrie got me a jar of date syrup and a book.  She knows my weak spots.  I got a light box from Greg.  That should provide loads of fun for me when I get it set up.

4)  Every year I get the family a new board game or two to play during the holidays.  This year I got two:  Munchkin and Thanks a Lot!  We enjoyed Munchkin but only played it once.  We played Thanks a Lot! until we went through the whole deck of cards.  It is non-competitive and a lot of laughs.  I won all but one of the matches so it is my new favorite game.

I decided to hang my big glass balls on the tree this year.  They were glad to get the exposure.
5)  I got to the half-way point of my Flickr 365 on Christmas Day, which is also my half-birthday.  I have managed to keep up so far.  Hoping I am on the down-ward slope.  Carrie, who started her 365 on New Year’s Day, is really close to the end.  If she can do it, I can do it.  Right?




Beth Edwards said...

oh, Olive you need to stop stealing the show. did she get any Christmas gifts this year? new booties or toys for her play house? on instagram i follow several folks because they share lots of their pugs views. love it!! ( :

i want to see the Hobbit. looks like a good one. on my "must do list".

Mary said...

You can totally do it! :). Olive is a sweetie, and maybe a film star in a secret life? :D

TexWisGirl said...

really like that last shot. and the glass ornament is really pretty, too.

olive IS a star - even if just here. :)

Tanya Breese said...

i was just looking through your 365 pics, wow!! and olive, ha, so cute!!

Nancy Claeys said...

Sounds like you had a very lively Christmas Barb! My hubs doesn't like to play board games, so having my son to play with has been fun. :)

Veronica Roth said...

Hey that's fantastic about your flickr challenge. I've been thinking about it too. Robert just said today that we should go see that movie and now I'll be on the look out for the Hope the rest of your holidays are wonderful Barb. :)

★MaRiBeL★ said...

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kat from ky. said...

I can't possibly top the last post!

Sugar Cookies to Peterbilts said...

I have been debating whether to see Hobbit in the theater or wait and rent it. Really like your last pic of the cherries or berries?

Pamela Gordon said...

We need to see The Hobbit and must do so this next week. We never go to the theatre but buy the DVD's that we want to have so we can watch them more than once but, there is the theatre experience that is much better too, so hopefully it will happen soon. I must visit your Flickr. account. Enjoy the weekend.

Lydia Martin said...

Nice post...I find Olive is looking really trim...must have been her part in the movie? ;) Gorgeous rose hips, love glass and you know I like the other one!
They are saying really good things about that movie ~

Debbie said...

ooohhhhh i really enjoyed this entry!! we are expecting rain here tomorrow and i thought perhaps we would take in a movie. now i know what we will see!!

Those glass ornaments are beautiful and I suspect all pugs are "stars"....Olive sure looks like one!,

Lynn said...

those berries are gorgeous as is Olive the Pug .-) I've never seen glass ornaments like this is it very pretty.

Rose said...

Love that last shot...was going to just read and could not resist saying I love it and I love the kitty pics below...but got to go read what the post is about now!