Friday, March 14, 2014

Random Thoughts…

1)  Because it is 3.14, today is National Pi Day, as I’m sure you know if you hang out on Facebook at all.  Me, I would prefer it to be National Pie Day.  But nobody asked me.  Actually, a friend on Facebook informed me that there is a National Pie Day and it was on January 23.  Personally, I think that pie is good enough to have two celebratory days in a year.  If today was pie day instead of pi day, what kind of pie would you go for?  Me…I like my donuts plain, my coffee black and I go for that old standard, the American Apple Pie.  In honor of the day, we are having vegetarian pot pie for dinner.

I took this picture of pi in 2007 on a visit to the San Juan Islands in Washington state.  It's cool, but you can't eat it.

2)  We got more snow here in Massachusetts yesterday.  Wasn’t much, but it did neaten things up around the edges temporarily.

A little snow never stops the intrepid Chickadee for long.
4)  If you live in a cold climate, you’ve probably heard a lot of complaining about the weather this winter.  To me, it seems like a big waste of energy to complain about things over which you have no power to change.  I think that the people who celebrate winter deserve big kudos…like our neighbors who have an actual igloo in their front yard.  I think that is just cool!  Absolutely no pun intended.

5)  I’m on Day 263 of my Flickr 365 that I started on my birthday.  I haven’t missed a day so far.  Today’s entry was one of a series of “self-portraits” that I am doing using the ABCs.  I am on the letter K.  It wasn’t easy coming up with something for K but I did it.  K is for key and here it is, the key to my Toyota Prius.  I love that darn car.

5)  I will leave you with a random poem from one of my favorite poets of all time, Shel Silverstein.  It seems like it’s been a Shel Silverstein kind of week.


There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
“I feel that this is right for me,
I know that this is wrong.”
No teacher, preacher, parent, friend
Or wise man can decide
What’s right for you – just listen to
The voice that speaks inside.

Here's a raggedy Welcome to the weekend.  Have a good one, you all!




Barb said...

That chickadee/snow photo is so lovely! I wouldn't be up for a daily challenge - good luck!

TexWisGirl said...

did you know you have 2 5s and no 3? :)

love the chickadee. i'd go for berry pie - raspberry, blackberry, tripleberry, strawberry/rhubarb, cherry, blueberry, you get the gist. :)

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

I enjoy your sense of humor and the way you look at things. :-) I agree with not taking the energy to complain about the weather--absolutely nothing we can do about it.

I love cherry and berry pies!

kat from ky. said...

I long for my mother's strawberry pie!

Brian King said...

I would prefer "pie" day as well! Love the photo of the chickadee!

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

neat pi/pie day!! that is awesome sculpture!! ( :

the chickadee as well. so nice!

Pamela Gordon said...

Happy pi/pie day Barbara! Love your photos today. It's good igloo making snow here today too. I noticed it as I was shovelling. Hubby made one for the kids back in '84. It was pretty cool too. Have a great weekend.

Nicki said...

You are so right about complaining about the weather - and still, we all do it. That igloo is awesome, the pi statue kinda random, the bird shot - gorgeous, and my husband is a member of the Prius fan club (pretty neat cars).

I saw a pie with all sorts of berries today - and if I'm breaking the diet, might as well go whole hog.

Ida said...

If I'm picking Pie it's going to be Lemon Meringue or Marion Berry with Vanilla Ice Cream on top.
What a cool "Pi" sculpture. Where was that located?
I confess to complaining a little about the weather but not to much. That is a "cool" igloo.

Amazing wonders in my life said...

Beautifully captured... Love the welcome pic

Lynn said...

ah the San Juans, close to my old stomping grounds (Vancouver and Pender Islands) Pi statue. My hubby said I lied to you last post, I've had 3 ipods (I broke, dog broke, and the present) what I've had for 7 years is a little mp3 something or other, he is still shaking his head,sorry about that. The chickadee photo is gorgeous.

Sandra said...

until 2 days ago i had no idea what pi looks like, this has been all over FB so i recognized your photo. love the igloo

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Pie day yes -- pi day, hmmm.... :)

Lydia Martin said...

A really 'cool' pun intended LOL! Love the huskies would love it too...but prob knock it flat in 15 min unless it could support their weight on top too. Sometimes I miss flickr...I wish they had left the easy to follow one photo with comments underneath...beautiful photo of those tropical birds!

Debbie said...

A wonderful message and a beautiful image of the chickadee!!

Have a happy Sunday!!

Gail Dixon said...

I vote yes for PIE day on Pi day, lol. You are so funny. Love your posts and photo of that chickadee in the snowy branches.