Friday, May 8, 2015

Willy-nilly Friday 5: Resurrecting words…

Yesterday while I was going through my notifications on Facebook, one in particular caught my eye.  Its title 15 obsolete words we should still be using really flipped my switch because next to photography, I really love words.  So I decided to willy-nilly a few of them here today and link up with Tanya's Around Roanoke Willy-nilly Friday 5.

1.  Here is Olive, the pug, as she basked in the sun by our slider today.   It reminds her of the apricity (a) she missed this year during the everlasting snow storms we endured.  Looking at this picture reminds me that we must be in denial about spring being here, because Greg’s snow boots still sit there behind her.

2.  Maybe I’m a cockalorum (b), but I think I did a stand up job on this photo.  In reality, I’m just fudgeling (c).  It’s really Mother Nature who did all the work.

3.  Tonight I’m going out with the girls.  We’re going to Enrico’s Brick Oven Pizza for dinner and then on to Brush It Off to paint pussy willow lighted wine bottles.  While at Brush If Off, I will probably restrain myself on the wine consumption, but at Enrico’s I’m planning to be crapulous (d) because they make a fine pizza there and serve a pretty good Chianti.

4.  The magnolia flowers on our tree in the back yard gorgonize (e) me.  I can stand awestruck and stare at them for hours.  Well, maybe not hours, but you know what I mean.

5.  Our two younkers (f) are coming home on Sunday for Mother’s Day.  I want no gifts except the presence of their company.  I will definitely deliciate (g) that evening with my family because we are having another nice meal at our favorite place here in town – Cedar Street Grille.

Whether or not you are a mother, there is probably someone in your life you have it human or canine or feline or other. Whether or not you are connected by blood to your mother or your child, may the sun shine on you this Mother's Day!

a.  Apricity – noun.  The warmth of the sun in winter.
b.  Cockalorum – noun.  A boastful person.
c.  Fudgel – verb.  To pretend to work.
d.  Crapulous – adj.   Characterized by excessive eating or drinking.
e.  Gorgonize – verb.  To have a paralyzing or mesmerizing effect.
f.  Younker – noun.  A young person.
g.  Deliciate – verb.  To enjoy oneself; to indulge in feasting; to revel.


TexWisGirl said...

i do hope you revel in all your food, spirits and family this weekend!

Sandra said...

these are all words i have never heard or seen in all the zillions of books I read.. you did a fantastic job fudgeling... LOL

Tom said...

Sad eyes and neat nature shots. Tom The Backroads Traveller

Pamela Gordon said...

Great post Barb! Loved the photos and those antiquated words. My goodness, I've never heard any of them before! So interesting to try to figure out the gist of them in your comments. Have a fun weekend and Happy Mother's Day to you.

Rose said...

I wish I was seeing both our younkers tomorrow...I will see one and got flowers from the other...

I also wish I could remember these words and their meanings.

Oh, and your photos are wonderful.

Rose said...
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EG CameraGirl said...

I enjoyed this post. You did a fine job using those obsolete words! I wonder if a few people started using them now and then if we could bring them back. ;)

Tanya Breese said...

olive is so adorable and that close up of the magnolia is gorgeous!! thanks for linking!

Ida said...

I missed this last week so I'm checking it out today. The only one of the words you used that I was familiar with was Crapulous. This was fun though and I like words too.