Monday, January 3, 2011

…In Bed

Last night Greg, Evan and I went out for dinner at Dynasty, our favorite Chinese restaurant in Southbridge.  Before we got there I decided I would challenge myself and use whatever fortune I got as a theme for this blog today.
 Well, here’s my fortune: 
You are a practical person with your feet on the ground.

 Brother!  See I was expecting something like “You will live long and prosper” or “You never know the weight of water till the well is dry” or even “Plan for many pleasures ahead.”  But instead, I am a practical person with my feet on the ground.  Oh, well…

But actually, that works pretty well for me because I like to walk my dog with my feet on the ground and being a practical person, when I walk her I take my camera along just in case there is something I don’t want to miss.  So it makes sense to post pictures I took while walking pug Olive. 



Mary Ann said...

Ah... I love the photos you chose... and the fortune is spot on.

boromax said...

Wonderful pictures on your blog. I do not find them "commonplace" in the least - except of course in the sense that these are things we see and pass by every day without giving them much attention. You have captured these things wondrously.

Olive is beautiful! Our pug's name is Bossley.

barbara l. hale said...

Thanks for the comments! I only think these things are commonplace because they are around us all the time. I, like most people, take them for granted if I don't stop to think about how beautiful they are. I can't wait to see Bossley!