Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Life on Peaceful Lane...

We had to go to Worcester this morning.  We decided to take Stafford Street instead of the Turnpike to get back home.  As we were driving along in Charlton, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a street named Peaceful Lane.  It made me wonder.  How might my life be different if I lived on Peaceful Lane?  Would I smile and get a feeling of calm contentment each time I turned onto the street and headed for home?  Would I transmit a little bit of tranquility to my fellow human whenever I gave out my address? 

I wish I had noticed the houses on Peaceful Lane.  In my imagination, they are all lined up neatly; little pastel Capes and bungalows with picket fences and brick walkways lined with solar lights all surrounded by beautiful gardens with bird baths and garden gnomes.
 Ahhhh, Peaceful Lane 

But now that I think about it more clearly, Peaceful Lane in Charlton has to abut the Massachusetts Turnpike.  Peaceful Lane is probably not all that peaceful.  Most people don’t want to live next to the Turnpike anyhow because it’s noisy.  Were there even houses on Peaceful Lane?  I didn’t notice. 

But, you know, maybe Peaceful Lane was there before the Turnpike was built and the original inhabitants named it as they found it.  And then even with the Turnpike coming later, it wouldn’t be enough cause to change the name of an existing street… with the red tape and all.  And what would it be changed to anyhow… Noisy Turnpikeview Drive?

Whoa!  My speculation and imagination have gotten out of hand.  I know nothing about Peaceful Lane in Charlton, Mass.  I have never lived there either literally or figuratively.  And though I’ve ridden down Stafford Street many times, I never even noticed it until today.  Maybe it was just a figment of my imagination and isn’t there at all.  Maybe I just feel the need to live a while on some Peaceful Lane.

I remember reading an article in a women’s magazine in some doctor’s office somewhere that said if you force yourself to smile when you are depressed, it’s good for you and can bring you out of a depression.  We all know that name calling can be negative, but it can also be positive.  Therefore, if I smile and say I live on some Peaceful Lane will I feel a contentment and tranquility in my heart even though in my mind I actually hear the air brakes of the endless parade of semi-trucks running down the Turnpike? 

Nah… Let’s face it.  Though the road is rough and the troubles long,
home is home and life goes on.


texwisgirl said...

Great post! Both thought-provoking and full of eye-candy as well!

magda said...

Beautiful nostalgy photos !!!

barbara l. hale said...

Thanks to you both!

Gloria said...

Well said, and fascinating photos!!! What great stories all of these buildings could tell.

Mary Ann said...

Hey, I know that next to the last photo !
funny looking joint isn't it?

barbara l. hale said...

Thanks, Gloria! I agree. I think that these old houses have a lot to say. And Mary Ann, you know the building in that last photo and maybe the one in the the second to last photo. Didn't I take that on the way to see you all in Charlemont? I'm not sure.