Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sideloading my pets...

I got a NOOK for Christmas this year.  For those of you who are not familiar with the NOOK, it is an e-reader from Barnes and Noble and the main competition for Amazon’s Kindle.  I wanted the NOOK because it is possible to borrow library books with it and I kind of like the touch screen more than the buttons.  But, I imagine that I would have been happy with whichever e-reader Greg would have decided to spring for because I love books and I wanted to be able to take many books with me when I travel without having to pay additional baggage fees.

I don’t read books that enrich my intellect much.  I like murder mysteries and fantasy and a bit of sci fi.   I am endlessly fascinated by the human imagination and the way people put words together.  I am not particular in what form my reading material is generated.  I love “real” books, have grown quite fond of my NOOK and always listen to books in my car.  I consider the IPod one of the wonders of the modern world as I can drive and read at the same time.
How great is that?!

But I got the NOOK for Christmas.  I went to our local library for a “Get to know your NOOK” session and at that session learned that I could sideload my own photos onto my NOOK.  Whoa!  I can illustrate my own reading device.  I just got around to doing it the other day.  It was my decision to put pics of my pets on it.  That way, wherever I go, they will go with me.  Of the pets I sideloaded on my e-reader, only our pug Olive is still with us but I smile each time one of the others cycle around on my screensaver.  I love and miss them so.
I thought I would share them with you today.

Asta:  She regularly showered with my son Evan.  Here she is fresh from her morning shower

Burgess:  The King.  His stern expression hides the fact that he had a great sense of humor.

Tigger:  Our adoped greyhound.  A wonderful, gentle and loving creature.

Olive, my love.

My daughter Carrie is convinced that pugs are a hybrid between a dog and a russet potato.


texwisgirl said...

OH MY GOSH!!! Loved the russet potato theory! My friend in Wis has a pug (used to have 2) and they're just as 'solid' as a meatloaf! :)

Oooh. Potatoes and meatloaf. YUM!

Loved your other pets too, btw. :)

magda said...

Hahaaaaa, your daughter has much homour !!!
Lovely photos !!!!
Εnjoy your new e-books!!!

barbara l. hale said...

Yes, Carrie has a unique and wonderful way of looking at the world. But I have to agree that in that particular picture Olive does look more like a potato than an Olive. Pugs are meant to be solid...potatoes and

Mary Ann said...

I've always been amazed that Asta loved water, I mean really loved water. You have to wonder what life form she has evolved into this time around... Dolphin, frog, fish ?

barbara l. hale said...

I think that she evolved into a Rain Goddess. But I wish she had stuck around to take care of some of the mice we have seen around here this winter. She was a good one...but Burgess, he could kill a mouse with just one good smack.

Anonymous said...

Excellent captures & editing - they're all so beautiful... I love the b&w, too!

I've been thinking about getting a NOOK... I'm just not sure about reading from a little screen... I also like to have the actual book sitting on my shelves... decisions, decisions! LoL! =)

Anonymous said...

PS You've gotta be kidding about your kitty taking a shower... right?
My LiL MaN meets me at the door everyday after work then makes a bee-line to the tub to get his drink, but that's just w/ the water trickling down... not a full blown shower turned on!!! =)

barbara l. hale said...

Thanks, Tricia. I do really like my NOOK. I was a little concerned about the screen but am completely used to it now. I've managed to read a couple of pretty long books on it so far. One thing that a friend told me to do that I would recommend is to get a cover for it. It makes it feel more like a book and makes it easier to hold. At least it did for me. Adds some protection, too.

Well, Asta used to sit outside Evan's door in the morning and raise a racket until he got up and she would jump right in the shower with him. I'm sure it was more to play in the water than to get clean, but she always got pretty wet. She was a funny little girl. As she got more feeble, Evan would find her and let her sit in there with him. She enjoyed that, too.