Thursday, April 28, 2011

The crows are calling my name...

“The crows seemed to be calling his name, thought Caw.” ~Jack Handy.

I have a new toy!  I have acquired a Nikkor 55-300mm lens.  I’ve wanted a telephoto-ish lens for a while so that I can take better pictures of birds and other animals who run off the minute they see me coming.  I especially want to take pictures of crows who are my favorites.  But it seems like a birdie telegram went out the minute UPS brought the lens to my door, because the birds have been making themselves scarce in our yard the last few days.  It even seems like the weatherman is conspiring against me since we have only had one sunny day since the lens arrived.  That day, I managed to get out and take a few pics.  I can see that I have a ways to go to get used to the lens but am pleased with the quality of the photos in general.  What do you think? 

Meanwhile, I will hope for sunnier weather and not take offense at the crows who sit in the trees too high for me to see and laugh at the stupid human trying to capture them.

A squirrel's work

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texwisgirl said...

oh yes, those are lovely photos!!! all you need is a bit more sunny days and the birds to stop playing keep-a-way!