Sunday, April 24, 2011

Didn't get what I wanted but I got what I needed...

I am a big fan of art glass.  Of course, the huge star of art glass in America right now is Dale Chihuly.  About a month ago I was reading the Sunday Boston Globe and almost started hyperventilating.  The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is having an exhibit of Chihuly’s art right now and until August 7th.  When I saw that I immediately went to my office, got on my computer and ordered two tickets for last Tuesday.

Well, duh!  Last week was school vacation week…something I didn’t even consider.  When we arrived in Boston on Tuesday, the museum’s garage was full and Greg wasn’t too happy.  We had to use valet parking if we didn’t want to walk through the rain for who knows how many blocks.  And the museum was full…and I mean FULL… of kids.  Nothing against kids, but we just weren’t expecting it since we don’t have any kids at the present moment and are not in tune to when they take vacations and such.  Actually, I find it refreshing that there were so many kids at the MFA.  There should be kids at the MFA.  But like I said, we just weren’t expecting it and were not prepared to stand in a very long line with lots of kids to get into the Chihuly exhibit.  What to do?

Upon reflection, we decided to have lunch and think.  So we stood in line for a while to get into one of the museum restaurants and ultimately had a lovely lunch.  With full stomachs, we decided to visit a special photography exhibit that I wanted to see and to come back once the kids are back in school next week.  Fortunately, admission is free if you come back within ten days.  So next Tuesday we will try it again.

I took my camera, of course.  While you can’t take photos in most of the museum’s exhibits, it is permitted to photograph Chihuly’s stuff as long as you don’t profit from it.  So I took some pics in places where it was permitted and will be taking more next Tuesday.  Here are some from last Tuesday.

Arriving in Boston

Chihuly's Lime Green Icicle Tower up close.

Chihuly's Boathouse Neon II reflected in my silverware

Red umbrella left behind...


texwisgirl said...

i love the silverware one!

sani said...

great picture, greatings from Hamburg/Germany