Monday, July 11, 2011

How to win a rain out....

“Now there’s three things you can do in a baseball game:  You can win or you can lose or it can rain.” ~Casey Stengel

We must have been channeling Casey Stengel in June when a group from the Massasoit Art Guild decided to take a bus trip to Salem, Massachusetts.  The plan was to ride up there to enjoy a boat ride and a little bit of time walking around Salem.  On a nice day, that would definitely have been a win.  Or, I suppose, the weather could have been sooooo bad that the trip would have been canceled.  That would have been a loss.  But what we got was rain.

I’m not complaining.  The boat trip was good even though the last third of it was in a downpour.  I still took a few photos although my paranoia about getting my equipment wet won out in the end and I was more concerned about ruining something than getting a usable shot.  But I got a few nonetheless.

Well, these photos have been stewing on my hard drive for a little while now.  We actually took this Salem trip a month ago on June 11.  But my excuse is that I have been pretty busy this summer.  Lame, I know.  I should have looked at them right away but got distracted by something or other and didn’t get to them until now.

While looking through them, I realized that on a grey day out on the water, things look pretty black and white.  So I decided to process many of them in black and white.  I also realized that a pretty darn good way to get dry after a rainy boat ride is to eat clam chowder and drink a nice micro-brewed stout for lunch.  That’s how to win even if you get rained out.

Thanks to Don Doe for planning this trip.


texwisgirl said...

love the 3rd one down. you got some good shots despite the weather!

Rachel said...

Isn't it nice to find photos that turned out better than the conditions?! And I love blustery days - perfect for warming up later!