Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sharing Leftovers...

Thomas Fuller said, “Leftovers in their less visible form are called memories, stored in the refrigerator of the mind and the cupboard of the heart.”  Had Fuller lived in the present day, he could also add that leftovers are stored on the hard drive of my computer.

Most times when I go on trips, I take a lot of photos.  Sometimes, I can’t find all that many that I am happy with.  But this last trip I took with my daughter, Carrie, was an exception.  I seem to have lots of leftovers. 
We left Massachusetts and stopped overnight in Altoona, Pennsylvania.  Altoona turned out to be a very photogenic and interesting place.  We left Altoona and drove on to Salt Fork State Park in eastern Ohio for a family reunion.  What a beautiful place!  We had a great time with the Paul Meier family and though I am no how related to them (except through my husband, Greg), they are so welcoming, one would never know.  Not an obvious looser in that bunch!  

Next we traveled on to Middletown, Ohio to visit my family for my mother’s 83rd birthday.  It was great meeting my new great niece Payton and getting fed for two days in a row by my sister Cindy, one of the best cooks going.  

Then it was back home.  It’s always good to be home where I am able to share my leftovers…

Flowers in the window.  Altoona, PA

Faded Glory.  Altoona, PA  
The Paul Meier Clan and some hangers on.

The Uninvited Guest


The very cute and smart Maddie...another great niece.

Having coffee at Kidd's Coffee, Middletown, Ohio


texwisgirl said...

great family shots, and very artsy brick and piano photos. :)

LENA said...

All these photos are amazing! I love the first one! :) I follow you!

Tricia ♥Barn Charmer♥ said...

I love these shots... especially the baby, just look at that teeny tiny face... sooo sweet!
Great old building shots, too...
OH they're all great =)