Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I like the shiny parts....

A few years ago, my husband Greg came home with a motorcycle.  I guess as far as mid-life crises are concerned, that’s a pretty mild one.  At least he waited until the kids grew up.

Now, me…I have no (and I mean NO) interest in the things.  I’m more concerned with staying up on two feet.  Never mind two wheels.  But being the good sport that I am, I join Greg at group rallies now and then.  I have come to learn that cyclists (oops!  I mean bikers) do appreciate having a car around especially when it rains.

The group (I hesitate to call it a “gang”) Greg rides with has at least one summer rally every year.  This year (as last year) one of these rallies was held in Palenville, New York, which is in the Catskills.  Not being versed in such things, I have extrapolated that the area is good for riding because of the hills and curves and stuff like that.  But it is a very beautiful area even if you aren’t on a motorcycle. 
I take my camera, of course.  And I have decided that though I don’t much like motorcycles while they are in motion, I think they look pretty cool standing still.  I like the shiny parts.

I also like the people in Greg’s “gang” very much.  May they all ride happy and safe.
  And remember, folks, drive carefully because motorcycles are everywhere.


Tricia ♥Barn Charmer♥ said...

You really got some great shots! Beautiful shiny parts! LoL! =)

maia said...

Very good photos.
I like very must the first.

texwisgirl said...

pretty. i'm glad he's found a good group too.

Tammy said...

You captured the shiney :)

Bet he loves these shots.

magda said...

Oooo Barbara!!!
Lovely photos!!!!
I wish you a happy summer,why am away from the Internet, until September.
Sorry about that.
Many greetings and kisses

Stratoz said...

beautiful! so glad to see the helmet. They are no longer required by law here in PA which is troubling.

barbara l. hale said...

I totally agree. Why anyone would choose not to wear a helmet is beyond me.