Friday, May 24, 2013

A Flat Pond Evening and five random questions…

Blueberry Island amid the pollen.

1)  What’s up with people putting stuffed animals in the back windows of their cars?  I don’t see that every day, but I see it enough to wonder if it’s a “thing” that I am just unaware of. 

2)  Here’s something I’ve been pondering lately.   Where do people stay when they travel long distances with horses?  We saw someone tooling down the road this week with a horse in tow and an Alabama license plate.  We live in Massachusetts.  That’s a pretty long way away from home if you are from Alabama.  I wonder where they would stop for the night along the way.  Some motels/hotels charge a fair amount to let you bring your dog along.  How much would they charge for a horse?  Of course, the horse wouldn’t be staying in the room but still…  What happens at night with the horse?  Inquiring minds want to know.
  And I know that someone out there knows the answer.

3)  How many of you are on Flickr and what do you think of the “new” Flickr?  While a terabyte of free space is something I can’t even fathom, it sounds like a good deal to me. Hey, I bet Walmart doesn’t even have that kind of deal.  I think that I’ll continue on as I have on Flickr and just try figure the new system out.  I actually like the looks of it.

4)  I want to know why sides have to be taken in the dog and cat debate.  Does loving one keep you from loving the other?  I think there are many of you out there like me who pretty much love them equally.  I think we should unite and put an end to the dog person/cat person argument.

5)  Have you ever read anything by Kate Atkinson?  I am a big fan.  I have read all her books (except for her short stories.  I don’t like short stories.   I’m not sure why.)  And I’m about half way through her latest book Life After Life.  This unusual book follows the life of Ursula Todd as she is born, dies, comes back to life and dies again in different ways…sort of like a British “Ground Hog Day” on a grander scale.  I am enjoying it a lot and would recommend it and her other books as well.  And, if you are a fan of the BBC, a few of her books have been made into a series call Case Histories.  Also, very good.


Brian King said...

All beautiful photos, but as I'm a huge fan of black and white, the second is my favorite!

I like the new photo-centered layout of Flickr better than all the white space, but I know not everyone is happy with it. Flickr has languished for a long time so a change was due.

Sandra said...

love that island photo. wow is that beautiful even with pollen

the stuffed animals, here is my theory - people get them as gifts and don't want them in the house, so keep them there not to hurt the feelings of the one that gave it to them

no flicker for me but i have heard rumblings of not like the new one

i am a dog person, which means i own no cats, but i love anything that has 4 legs...the reason no cat is i am a light sleeper and cats walk on people at night.

i know the answer to the horse question. my friend has 9 horses and hauls them all over... there is a bedroom for 2 people at the front of the horse hauler. they pull into campsites and pay just like an RV. it is a RV/horse hauler. it is really cute in there.

Chatty Crone said...

That 3rd photo is wonderful! And I don't know much about horses. lol sandie

Mary said...

Your photos are magnificent!

I'm one who adores felines and canines an equal enormous amount. :). I don't know why some think we have to choose.

I love Kate Atkinson's books too. I haven't read her latest, but it's on my list.

Nicki said...

No clue about stuffed animals - I could barely tolerate them on my bed when I was young. My daughter on the other hand swears by them - maybe she'll have some insight on the subject when she gets home.

Love cats. Love dogs. Don't like people who treat them poorly or live near highways and let them run loose.

Maybe the horse trailer was rented and those were the tags that came on it. Can't believe Mr. King (country / wildlife boy extrodinair) didn't have any insight to this. {LOL!} In any event, that is a long ride - my butt is still sore from going up and back to MA from WV.

Barely use Flickr - only wish Photobucket would get their act together so I can modify my flower video.

Reading - I knew I was missing something in my life.

Have a fun weekend Barb.

barbara l. hale said...

Thanks for the horse answer. Takes a load off my mind. Lol.

barbara l. hale said...

Thanks for the horse answer. Takes a load off my mind. Lol.

Robert Nicolaescu said...

Wonderful photos, love all three:)
Best regards!

Lynn said...

I love KA books but haven't picked up her last one, now I shall. I didn't know there was a dog/ cat debate, that is silly. Beautiful photos. Have never seen stuffed animals in car windows, maybe it isn't a european thing (yet). I don't use flickr nor photobucket, i am a dinosaur! ;-)

Pamela Gordon said...

Your photos today are so beautiful, especially the last one with the pollen on the water and the soft colours in the trees. Gorgeous!! I've wondered about Flickr but haven't looked into it and barely looked at it either. I really don't know what it's all about. I hope you have a great holiday weekend! Blessings, Pam

TexWisGirl said...

really like that last one! wow!

i don't like junking up my car with anything. my mother-in-law did that with her back window. ugh!

Anonymous said...

I don't have anything in my car usually except a bag of corn in the back seat. I have to say my preference on cats/dogs depends on the individual animal. :-)

Susan said...

those pictures are just beautiful. I love dogs and cats equally.

Ewa said...

Stunning pics!!!
And yeah, new flickr looks great! Takes time to get used to it, and I have an old Pro-account. should I keep it or not, is my big headache!

Ewa said...

Stunning pics!!!
And yeah, new flickr looks great! Takes time to get used to it, and I have an old Pro-account. should I keep it or not, is my big headache!

Kerri said...

Beautiful images!

That stuffed animal craze was popular a few years ago - I haven't seen it lately.

No idea about the long distance travelers with horses.

Still haven't made up my mind about the new Flickr

I LOVE Both Cats and Dogs!!

Never read anything by Kate Atkinson - but now you've given me a new author to check out! Thanks!

Leave It To Davis said...

Love your pictures. I have seen stuffed animals piled up in the back windows of cars, too. I think it's tacky, but that's their thing and this is mine. We just hear the beat to a different drum (thank goodness!). I use Picasa, and have loved it, but I pay for storage $5 a year. I do love them though. I also love both dogs and cats...don't see the sense in most animals, as a matter of fact. :)

Rose said...

Oh, I am a dog AND cat person, too.

I have never read Kate Atkinson but will try to keep her in mind.

Not on Flickr...never thought about the thing with traveling with horses...think I am going back to read all your comments and see if anyone answered that.

MEcoy said...

each shot looks perfectly awesome!
anyway stuffed toys on back of the car sure doesn't makes sense yet it's cute haha

Nancy Claeys said...

Love you images as usual Barb -- and your five facts, I mean observations made me smile. I like how you think.

Rose said...

I did forget to say last night that I find your photos very love the last two.

Lydia Martin said...

Lovely captures of your pond...I hope to get back to a special one I found last yr...if the weather every clears.

1.2nd childhood? dunno LOL!
2.There are special places to lodge your have to book ahead of time...horsie hotels...I've used em when transporting my horses...but I use a hauler and he books...see,? I knew. Dogs...we pack em in...if they only you accept dogs? Yes? not 8, but hey, we have never damaged anything
and just did the 8 once
3.I like the looks to, but time...a terrabye is a big beast...I want a computer with a few those argument...but my huskies like them too much if you catch my drift

great blog post!

amanda | wildly simple said...

Beautiful photos! They remind me of home, a bit.
Good question on the horses..
I think there are campgrounds with riding trails where they are suited for horses. I've seen these campgrounds, they have tether lines so your horses can graze near your camper.
I suppose if you stayed in a hotel, the horses would be ok parked in the trailer. You'd just have to find a place to "pitch stalls" along the way, and where you'd do that, I certainly don't know! A friend of mine just had her horse trailered from Cherry Point, NC, all the way to Yuma, AZ. I should ask her!

Debbie said...

You sure have been thinking a lot!! I don't do flickr or any of those picture sharing sights......

I like my car clean and tidy, I have wondered that myself. Aren't stuffed animals for children??

Have a happy weekend!!

Beatrice P. Boyd said...

Can't speak for other folks who have stuffed toys lined up in the rear of their cars. I do have a teddy bear with a purple sweatshirt(now faded) who always has a back seat in my car. It was bought at a flea market years ago when we lived in NJ because I like the color purple and it always travels in the car on trips to everywhere. Sometimes it does get displaced to the cargo area when folks need to sit.