Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Autumn was creeping into southern New Hampshire when I was there last week.  I said good bye to my sister and left Tilton to go back to Massachusetts bypassing the Interstate for the country road.  Riding along I noticed a sign indicating the birthplace of DanielWebster and decided to check it out.  After that, my GPS took me in a different direction than it had originally plotted and I got to ride down miles and miles of back roads where the only indications of humankind were the utility poles tucked into the trees on the side of the road and, of course, the road itself.

The trees were just beginning to change and, as usual, the most color was seen near the swamps, streams and ponds.  But now and then, an over achieving maple stood out amidst the green, all colorful and proud.  As I passed one by, pretty sure I was away from human earshot; I rolled down my window and shouted, “Showoff!” to it.  I could almost hear the maple chuckle at this plain, drab human.   To another, I yelled, “Looking good!” and gave it the thumbs up.

I got it out of my system before I got to another group of houses.
  I don’t want people thinking I’m certifiable.

But the truth is that, yes, folks, I am crazy…crazy about fall!

The Daniel Webster Birthplace & The Sawyer House, Circa 1791, Franklin, New Hampshire.  Ready for renovation.

Along the Contoocook River, New Hamshire.

Along the Contoocook River, New Hampshire.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely undeniably crazy about Fall, too... I LOVE IT!
1791? WoW! That place has certainly seen its share of people pass by.

Beautiful images, Barb =)

happy week

TexWisGirl said...

oh, i'd have been yelling to the maples too!!! we don't get them here in Texas and i miss them!

FrancescPhoto said...

Nice pictures!!!Excellent!!

Salut, Francesc

Love for Food and Photography said...

I love autumn colours! Especially I liked the last 2 pictures for the water reflexes..

Rafah Jenuino|Publishing Group. said...

"Extremamente absorvido de presenças significativas, no peito, na emoção"

Muito bom teu post, estou seguindo...

Um abraço,

Quos said...

Very nice pictures!

magda said...

My dear friend Barbara
What wonderful photos and places!!!!
Is Autumn in New Hamshire!
In Greece we have still summer.
Every day swimming.
Many Kisses

Tammy said...

I love the country road shots :)

Susan said...

... well, I'm crazy over your incredible shots! Oh, those reflections and colours in #4 - wow!