Monday, September 19, 2011

The life and times of Olive the pug…

On Friday night last week, we did our usual preparations, got the golf cart out and went down to the beach.  Now, Olive, our pug, loves this ritual.  When I say love, I mean she practically jumps out of her skin with excitement.  Going down to the beach on the golf cart is her favorite thing.

Well, we happened to be the only ones enjoying the beautiful evening.  The temps had dipped down into the 60s (Fahrenheit) and I think it might have been too cool for people.  But it was an absolutely beautiful night so we took advantage of it.

Olive is funny once she gets to the beach.  She tears off of the golf cart and runs around like a little maniac.  Of course, she has to find the perfect spot to mark so everyone knows she’s been there.  Then she starts looking for her friends.  She most often plays “with” Freedom, a black lab mix, who studiously ignores her.  Every now and then Polly or Remy, one of her sibling pugs who live in the neighborhood, comes down.  Sometimes the young dude Buddy is there.  Olive loves Buddy who is also a lab mix sort of like Freedom.  But, unlike Freedom, Buddy thinks Olive is great fun, too.  They like to play “let’s run at full speed under the picnic tables.”  Sadly last Friday, she had no canine companions and Canada Geese just don’t cut it as a fun bunch as they just won’t stick around to play.

So she jumped up on the picnic table bench to see if there was any good food to be had.  That was also a disappointment for her since it was just our stuff from home… no good cheese or pepperoni.

Then, like a little kid who is bored with her parents and all their stupid ideas, she jumped on the golf cart ready to go home. 

She even offered to drive.

Eventually, because we just laughed at her, she decided that since no one was around who would freak out, she could sit on top of the table, get serious and join in the conversation.  We watched the sun sink behind the hill across the pond and decided it really was a bit chilly out now that the sun was gone.  Olive was happy to go home where she got her treat, settled in next to me on my chair (her usual spot) and proceeded to snore her way through the Red Sox game.  A perfect pug evening!


Susan said...

Hello Barbara, it's been great meeting you, thanks for visiting my photo blog.
I've been having a totally enjoyable ramble through yours - and loving it. You've a great sense of humour and a delightful way with words... plus, your photos are stunning.
Olive sure knows how to work the camera too! Cheers, Susan

Barbara Franceschini said...

truly lovely pics!!!
wonderful blog!!
i'm following you!

My photoblog:

Kerri said...

what a cutie!