Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A black and white night…

Like many people in the world today, I struggle with bouts of insomnia.  The magic hour for me is usually right around 4:00 a.m.  My eyes spring open and I lay there in the dark staring at the ceiling thinking, “WTF!  Not again.”  Normally, I just pick up whatever book I’m reading and read for a while.  Between five minutes and an hour later, I am back in dreamland.   But now and then, it just doesn’t work.  I can’t shut my mind off and I just have to get up.  That happened to me the other night.  I decided to get up and work on editing some photos…a practice I find very relaxing.  In the light of day, I checked out what I did the night before and here is what I saw:

I almost deleted it without a thought.  To me it looks like an illustration out of an Edgar Allen Poe story or something sinister like that.  But I guess, I was just in the mood for black and white in the middle of the night because I did a couple more, although these seem a little cheerier.

Personally, while I have nothing against black and white photography, I really like color.
  So here’s to a good night’s sleep!


TexWisGirl said...

well, i like them! who knew insomnia could be so creative?! :)

REALLY like the header, too!

Pamela Gordon said...

Black and white photography is more artistic I think and I like some of it but prefer colour too. I do like the single leaf photo. I hope you get some better sleeps.

Susan said...

I love these. Black and white is so beautiful.

Rose said...

Now, I don't know if I could choose between B&W and color...I guess I would go with color, but I sure think B&W is better for some things. LIke your last shot...I totally love it and don't think color could ever have been this good.

I guess it is a good thing we don't all like the same would be a boring old world.

Sylvia said...

I also love b&w photos and yours are lovely !
Wishing you sweet dreams ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great images in b/w indeed !

Yes, after taking care of our child during the nights five years ago, can hardly sleep anymore before three a.m.

MEcoy said...

very cool and dramatic shots

Robert Nicolaescu said...

Great b&w!
Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

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