Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Higher Education...

Around this time last year, Greg and I traveled around with our son Evan to look at the universities he was considering for his Master’s Degree.  I have to say this about college campus tours - we enjoy the heck out of them.

There was the plain pleasure of getting to travel and spend time with our son, but there was really more to it than that.  I felt a great urge at each campus we visited to submit transcripts myself…although for what purpose, I can’t imagine. And besides who the heck knows where my transcripts might be anyhow?  Most likely, they are buried deep down in some box somewhere…After all, I went to college before the advent of computers.

We visited four places:  University of Rhode Island, Syracuse University, University at Albany (SUNY) and Rutgers University because those are most of the schools in this area that offer a Masters in Library Science.  Each campus has a unique character and I loved photographing them.  Unfortunately, it was raining so hard the day we were at Rutgers, I was afraid for my camera and didn’t get any usable photos of the campus.  That is something I regret.  But I did manage a photo of the rain.

Evan ended up at Syracuse University and I ended up thinking what a plum job it would be just being able to travel around the country to take photos of college campuses.

Raining at Rutgers

The Hall of Languages, Syracuse University
Inside the SU Library

Syracuse University
University of Rhode Island
University at Albany

Inside the library at University at Albany

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