Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Adventures of the Lame Ass Soul Sisters…

Getting back home after our vacation, I hit the ground running…or limping quickly anyhow since I have a bad knee.  I left to go to Europe in the middle of a major project that I was spearheading or, if the truth were known, it may be more appropriate to say that I was “butterknifeheading” this project.

Seven friends and I had undertaken the challenge to make a clerical stole for our friend Misty-Dawn Shelly who was ordained a Unitarian Universalist minister on June 12.  We had started the project about a month before I left but with scheduling difficulties it was hard for us to get together often.  So when I returned on May 29, push came to shove and it had to get done…
by June 12.

Looking at a clerical stole, you might not think it would be all that hard to put together, but you might be wrong.  I have been sewing and quilting for about 25 years and I was mystified as to how to go about it.    That’s why it’s nice to have friends – creative friends.  We muddled through, came up with a design based on Misty’s reverence for trees and nature and proceeded to put the thing together.   Friend Laurel came up with a name for us:  LAMSS (Laugh-a-Minute Stole Stitchers) and it stuck with a couple of variations…LAst Minute Stole Stitchers and LaMe Ass Soul Sisters.  I liked the last name the best.  Thanks, Friend Diane!   We worked hard and had lots of laughs.  And best of all, the stole turned out all right.

I was honored to present the stole to Misty along with my soul sisters on June 12.  Misty seemed to really like it.  I think it looks great on her.

My very talented daughter Carrie took the last three photos.

The Concept:  Mary Ann did the drawing.  I colored it in.  I had the fun part.

Rita acted as our official model.  Here we're checking the length.

Laurel making sure the tree didn't hit in an embarrassing spot.  Nancy is behind doing something.

Our signature leaves that we added to the back.  Rita and Michelle are missing.

A slightly slap happy Mary Ann models the "finished" project.

My soul sisters & Me:  Me, Mary Ann Adams, Rita Schiano, Laurel Burdon, Donna Sullivan, Diane Oliver-Jensen "OJ" and Michelle Clifford.  Unfortunately, Nancy Hyde was unable to make it.

Rev. Sara Ascher and the new Rev. Misty-Dawn Shelly.


texwisgirl said...

that is really cool. congrats to your friend. the stole turned out beautifully - and to have that many friends' hands in it makes it priceless!

magda said...

Congratulations to all of you!!!
A hug

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