Friday, June 10, 2011

Seven Thousand Words...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and while that may be true, a picture is no substitute for reality.

I have to admit that the place I looked forward to seeing the most on our trip was the Alabaster Coast in the north of France.  I had been drooling over photos of Etretat on flickr for some months.  So when I got out of the car and had my first look at the real place, I am sure I went slack-jawed.  It is way more beautiful in person than in any of the photos I’ve seen (or taken, for that matter.)  But I will post a few of mine nonetheless.

Once our driver was able to corral us back into the car, he took us to the town of Fecamp where he drove up to the high point to show us the chapel of Notre Dame du Salut and sweeping views of Fecamp and the coast.  And then we went on to the Benedictine Distillery in Fecamp.  Whoa!  Indescribable!

All I can say is that I have not been able to eliminate Normandy from  my bucket list.  I have to go back and spend some time there!  And I wouldn’t mind traipsing around a lot more of northern France.  Some day…

The Falaise d'Aval just west of Etretat.

Looking down on Fecamp and the French coast.

A glimpse at the Palais Benedictine


texwisgirl said...

incredibly impressive!

Anonymous said...

I just tried to leave a comment, but it shows 'Service Unavailable' so I don't think it went thru... but I'll try it again.

I think you photos are very beautiful & the
?church? in the 4th pic is sooo cool there by the cliff... I'm wondering if that's the same 'elephant trunk' cliff they shot in the movie 'The Count of Monte Cristo' & one other movie I can't remember the name of right, now.

What a great capture of the blue sky in the glass of the Palais Benedictine! WoW! =)

barbara l. hale said...

Thanks! Yes, Tricia, your comment did go through. The church was right above the "elephant trunk" cliff. It may be the same one as I think it is kind of unique in its formation but I've not seen the movie so am not sure. I liked the way the church kind of echoed the shape of the natural formation but wish I had been able to get more of the cliff in the shot. It is such a beautiful area.

magda said...

My dear Barbara
Your photos are fantastic!!!!
We was in Normandy and Brittany-France, 5 years ago, for 10 days, with rent-car.
Wonderful places!!!!
I want to go again, so beauty!!!
My husband want cruise, but i don't.
Because while you go to many places, you see only a few hours... I can not stand this.
And then you say, oh, must go back there ...
Ooo, congratulation for the trivial!!!!Bravo!!!
Many greetings and kisses

barbara l. hale said...

Thanks so much, Magda! We enjoy cruising because it is so relaxing. But I admit that we don't get to stay in the ports long enough.