Monday, June 13, 2011

Trivial Pursuit...

Here’s my advice:  If you ask someone to go on a cruise with you, make sure they are smart.

We were joined on our vacation by our smart friends Dona and Bob.  I’ve known Dona since high school (I won’t say how many years) and all of us travel well together.  One of the things we like to do on cruises is to play trivia. We do okay as a team, but there is usually a team who is one better than us.  That doesn’t discourage us.  We play anyhow.  Well, on this particular cruise, one of the prizes for trivia was a free shore excursion in Lisbon for the winning team.  I’ll have you know, we won!

Problem was, we had already arranged our own excursion for Lisbon (Thanks again, Bob!) so we humbly asked at the Shore Excursions Desk if we could instead have one in Dover, England, because all we had arranged there was to figure it out when we got there.  Long story short, Celebrity in its benevolence gave us the Medieval Rye & Kentish Country Scenic Drive.  Okay!  Off we went and here are some of the photos from that excursion:

Kentish Countryside

In Rye

Window Shopping:  The English seem to love their fancy hats...something this American doesn't understand.

Lovely treats at the Apothecary Coffee House in Rye.

At the Apothecary Coffee House, Rye.

Sailing away from Dover, England.


vertizoo said...

Just one comment... OK, maybe a question.
"In Rye"... Is that your location, or your condition?

texwisgirl said...

oh, just lovely! congrats to you and your smarty pants partner!

vertizoo said...

Oops... just realized my comment may seem to be a knock on your photos, which it is absolutely not (I always love them, even if I never comment)! Rather, it was intended as a tongue in cheek comment about your (you & Greg's) vacationing tendencies!

barbara l. hale said...

Well, vertizoo, you obviously know me and Greg a little too well. Thanks, texwisgirl. We were just as surprised as we could be. But we took advantage of it.

magda said...

White Cliffs of Dover !!!!
Amazing photos!!!
I like the sweets, but not England hats :))
Thank you for the wonderful trip!!!
Many greetings and kisses