Thursday, June 2, 2011

We are fine...

No pictures today...or at least not right now.  We just got our power restored from some bad storms that passed through our area last evening.

We don't usually get the kind of severe weather that spawns tornadoes here in our small town in Central Massachusetts.  But yesterday was the exception to the rule.  We are glad to report that our property (and we) are undamaged but barely a tenth of a mile from us downed trees caused extensive damage to homes and property.  And just across town, our friends' home was severely damaged. 

We haven't heard of any injuries or loss of life and hope that continues to be the case as the day goes on.  The event here was a drop in the bucket compared to the damage and woe the tornadoes in Joplin, Missouri and other places caused.  But it keeps me thinking that we need to protect Mother Nature and treat her with great respect. 

Take care!

P. S.  I did manage to get out to take a few pics today but it is difficult getting around with quite a few roads closed.  I understand that four people did die during the storm.  That is sad news.  The worst of the damage seems to be in Monson and Springfield, Massachusetts.

Damage in Southbridge, Massachusetts

Damage in Southbridge, Massachusetts

Damage in Sturbridge, Massachusetts


magda said...

Ooo, Barbara
Thanks God for your family.
But i'm very sorry for the other people...
Many greetings and kisses

texwisgirl said...

oh dear. too close for comfort. glad all is well at your place, but sad for others so nearby...