Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sweet Lisbon...

The seas between the Azores and Lisbon, Portugal were rough.  Rough enough that there were crew who couldn’t make it to work while we were sailing.  Me…I don’t get seasick because I am prepared.  I wear the scopolamine patch and, aside from the fact that it makes me drowsy and very thirsty, it is very effective at keeping the seasickness away.  I was seasick once and, believe me, I never want to repeat that experience.

Our approach to Lisbon wasn’t what I was expecting although I would have known it if I had looked closely at the map.  You actually sail down the Tagus River a bit to reach the port so there is land on both sides once the ship is docked.

Daniel Pequerrucho ( was our tour guide.  (Thanks, again, Bob!)  And he drove us all over Lisbon in a comfortable van that I couldn’t believe he could park in those narrow, old streets, but he did.  His English was perfect and he was very knowledgeable about Lisbon and its history.  And not only that, he took us at the end of our tour to a great place for custard and espresso.  Those are some tasty little custard tarts that they serve at Pasteis de Belem (  It was a very sweet way to end our day in Lisbon.

We sailed away that night knowing that there was much more of Lisbon and Portugal that we need to see.  Some day…

Jacaranda Trees in Bloom in Lisbon.

Yellow or red?

Window Shopping.

Laundry Day.

Decorations in preparation for the Procissao de Santo Antonio (honoring St. Anthony)



texwisgirl said...

love the laundry day!

magda said...

Beautiful photos Barbara!!!
I have been in Lisboa for 8 days!!!
Is a wonderful town!!!
Many greetings and kisses

ira said...

Oh! Beautiful pictures.
Thank you for sharing.
Kisses. Irena
Poland - Ustka

Diane AZ said...

The laundry image looks cool and I love the Jacaranda trees!