Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Is it worth an hour?

Greg and I are sort of toying with the idea of retiring to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  The idea has many positives to it.  Ideally, we would purchase a single floor loft or condo in the downtown area, thereby allowing us to walk to many of the places we might want to go.  That would mean no outside maintenance…a very attractive idea.  Portsmouth is only about an hour away from where we are living now so we would be fairly close to our kids and friends.  Portsmouth has a large, thriving Unitarian Universalist church.  That would give us an easy opportunity to meet local people and to get involved in the community.  It’s not too big…or too small.  It has great restaurants and is close to the ocean.  Being close to the ocean means there wouldn’t be as much snow to deal with.  Having great restaurants means we would be spending a lot of our kids’ inheritance on food.  Portsmouth isn’t too far from Boston where there is a major airport allowing us to travel to exotic locales easily.  (Sorry, kids, there goes the rest of the money.)  It sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Well, check back in five years.  I know us and I am sure we will still be here in Massachusetts wondering what to do with ourselves.  But, in the meantime, we will make trips up to Portsmouth and enjoy the area because it really is a neat place.  I am posting some photos from our last trip there.

One of the negatives about moving there is that it would make our yearly trips to Ohio one hour or so longer.  Since I am about to embark on another drive to Ohio for a family (Greg’s) reunion and then on to see my mother on her birthday, I am glad we haven’t made that move to Portsmouth yet.  I’ll be back in a week.  Take care of yourselves until I see you again.

Oh, yeah...and did I mention lobster??

Portsmouth "skyline" taken from the water.

Portsmouth Harbor Light

Whaleback Light


texwisgirl said...

oh yes. i see the allure from your photos. the last one (well, and the ginormous lobster) sealed the deal...

have a great trip!

Maria Nadeau said...

Beautiful enjoy!!!!

magda said...

Oooo, lovely !!!!!
Very nice photos, i love this place!!!
Thank you for so beautiful trip!
Good holidays!
Many kisses

Stratoz said...

Margaret and I love living in a town where we can walk about, being retired to do more of it would be lovely. I feel for your children as my parents have opted for the travel over saving to leave me an inheritance ;')